How Homelearners' Program Works

Learning Plans

The teacher, parent and child are partners working together to develop a learning plan for the Child.  Parents and students are encouraged to bring their ideas and goals for the year.  The learning plan is built upon throughout the year. 

Family Involvement

At Homelearners @ Hume Park we respect each person's individuality as adults and children work together.  We value the role of family involvement in a child's learning and work together to build a healthy learning community.  We understand the time spent outside the classroom is an important part of the child's learning experience.

Classroom Groupings

Our classroom groupings are kept small and multi-age.  This allows each child to experience themselves both as a learner and a mentor.

Student Portfolios

Creation of a "portfolio" for each child will reflect the Student Learning Plan.  Portfolios are a collection of student work samples that highlight learning at home, in the community, and at our Learning Centre.  Portfolios and conferencing are opportunities for students to showcase their achievements.

Homelearners' Library/Resource Room

Our Bistro/Resource room offers a great place for families to meet and share ideas.  Parents and younger siblings are always welcome to hang out while their children are in class.

The Resource library offers a variety of materials to support student learning.  Parents and students are welcome to browse and check out materials, which include text books, workbook samples, novels, games, puzzles, science kits, thematic units, manipulatives, and DVDs.

Homelearners' Enrolment

Parents and children are welcome to visit our Learning Centre to explore our program and Learning Centre and decide if it is a suitable choice for your family.

Please phone ahead for a convenient time so we can show you around when students of a similar age are here. 604-517-5917

Enrolment Form