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The Hume Park Learning Centre offers a safe place to meet others and learn in group settings. To supplement learning at  home, we offer classes covering a variety of topics, integrating language arts, science or social studies, as well as the arts and PE.  We use assignments, projects, hands-on math activities and showcase projects to share and connect learning between home and the Centre.

Activation Activity Resources (Fall 2022)

This year, we will continue to build on deepening our thinking throughout the year. We will explore diverse perspectives and how our perspectives inform our beliefs and way of life. Our activation activities will focus on animals as we all love animals! Specifically, we will explore the different views and roles of animals in various times and places. Our Theme for the Year 2022-2023 (pdf document)

Activation Activity 1 (due date: Thursday September 15th)

Begin here by reviewing the Activation Activity 1 – Overview and Instructions (.docx)

This is a co-learning activity so please work with your child(ren) on all aspects of the project; explore information, read and listen together, and have family discussions.

Strive to move up Bloom’s Taxonomy Our Theme for the Year 2022-2023 (pdf document).

By the end of Activation Activity #1, we would like to have a better understanding of how historical Indigenous people view animals and how this view affected their use of animals. We would like to compare and contrast this view with our own personal/cultural view of animals and how our view affects the way we use animals today.

Students in grades K to 3 can use the Primary Table for Activation Activity 1 (.docx) to organize thinking.

Students in grades 4 to 8 can use the Intermediate Table for Activation Activity 1 (.docx) to organize thoughts.

Resources for Activation Activity 1


Both Primary and Intermediate Grades:

Overview: (for Intermediate Grades)





Both Primary and Intermediate Grades:



Both Primary and Intermediate Grades:


Supplemental Resources

Here is a list of resources for further exploration…


Sharing Our World – Animals of the Northwest Pacific Coast

My Mondo Trading – Meanings, Myths, and Legends

David Neel – Artist’s representations of animals

A reading of the 7 Sacred Teachings

Animals of the Northwest Coast First Nations

Nuu-chah-nulth Ocean Animals Colouring Book


The Canadian Encyclopedia – Raven Symbolism

The Canadian Encyclopedia – Thunderbird

Canadian Museum of History: An Aboriginal Presence (click on small arrow to scroll through stories)

Legend and Stories: part of an oral history (for older children)

Coast Salish Story – crow and little bear (text and audio)

Cree Story – the granddaughter who was eaten by a fish (text and audio)

David Neel artist’s representations of legends

The Legend of Weesakayjack – how North America came to be


Ancient Bond with the Land  (use the small arrow in the upper right area to scroll through information)


Canada History Project: Native People of Northwest Coast

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Spirit Bear

First Nations Traditional Foods Fact Sheet

First Nations and Indigenous Studies UBC: Totem Poles (for older children)

Stories the Totems Tell

CBC Kids: 13 Totally Terrific Totem Pole Facts (for younger children)

National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada June 2022

Recognizing and honouring First Nations, Inuit, and Métis cultures

Interesting Links

Looking for ideas of resources you can add into your home learning plans? Check out these interesting links:

Trinket – Python (used during our coding classes)

See also:

Science World

Vancouver Aquarium

Want to explore the catalogues, databases and subscriptions available to all New Westminster Schools students? Check out our District website for more:

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