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***These offerings may vary from year to year.***


So many ways to learn together! We have a range of programs to engage all our home learners…

Middle School Program

Helping students transition from elementary to high school with exceptional results.

Family Camp

A three-day exciting adventure for the whole family!


Students at Hume often graduate to become community leaders. Hume Park Learning Centre provides the fundamental skills and knowledge that will carry them forward!


Reading, writing and thinking about the world around us makes learning fun!

Music Program

A unique and rapidly growing program at Hume, music helps students build confidence, meet new people and make new friends. Junior and senior programs. No previous music experience required!

Play-based Primary

Learning through play is a fun and easy way to start school for little ones!


Everyone can play a part, small or large! It all culminates in a grand year-end performance!

Environmental Education

Students put on their jackets and are guided through Hume Park’s wonderful urban forest ravine and other areas of the lower mainland. Students engage in hands-on learning about the natural world with a view to being stewards of the earth.

Learning Support Services

A BC certified learning support services teacher manages the student’s educational team which includes parents/guardians, teachers, and district staff. Teacher, parent and child work together to develop an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Every student has their own specialized program to meet their individual learning needs.

Parent Workshops

Work alongside your child in these engaging hands on workshops. This year we are focusing on using math manipulatives. Response has been great so far and our next series of workshops will be coming soon in November.

Highlights at Home Learners Program


Teachers are back at work on Tuesday, September 7th.
Learning offerings in the fall will include face-to-face activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays, online workshops for students and parents, personalized learning plans, access to learning resources, and thematic family projects. more

COVID 19 Info and Updates

CURRENT STATUS (Last updated August 25)
-Learning offerings in the fall will include outdoor activities, online workshops for students and parents, personalized learning plans, access to learning resources, and thematic family projects. more

April 20th – Prinicpal’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I am providing you another quick update to let you know how much we appreciate your flexibility and adaptability, while we work with your children remotely and online. Many of your children have started to participate in remote classrooms through Google and Microsoft Teams. This has allowed us to continue the rich and meaningful learning that has always been a feature of the Home Learners Program at Hume Park. more